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Requesting Feedback on my sample works

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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Diptiman! 

    This is Julian from the QC team from Bunny Studio. Thank you for reaching us and taking the time to let us know your thoughts and concerns in our community.

    As a QC member, I know how frustrating is to be rejected (I hate to reject a candidate's work). Nevertheless, we aim for the highest quality in our deliverables because the clients demand the best work from our pros, and we must not disappoint their expectations.

    On the other hand, in order to assist you better, I need you to send some of your last samples to evaluate your audio quality issues and give the best possible solutions that could work for your case.

    Last but not least, I'll sincerely wait for your samples to help you as soon as we can,


    Best regards,


    Julian Cubillos

    QC Team

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