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Why don't you have a delete option for projects that seem to remain in your dashboard under available?

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  • Gabriela Schneider #1534751531821

    Hi there, Tracey,
    How do you do?

    Please accept our apologies for how long it took for us to reply to your message!

    Unfortunately, the option to delete or hide projects from your dashboard is not available, since it is an automated feature in our platform. However, sometimes, projects may still get stuck there for a while more than usual.

    In cases like these, we can always ask our engineers to remove it from your dashboard, no problem!

    We're also reviewing a fix for this with out team, so bear with us while our platform goes through some changes to ensure that everyone's experience only gets better. =)

    I have checked your dashboard and it seems that the project you mentioned is no longer there, which is good news!
    However, if it happens again, don't hesitate to let us know.

    You can send a message to , and one of our agents will get back to you and assist you directly.

    We thank you sincerely for your message here at the Community! =)

    Count on us!
    Best regards,

    Gabriela Schneider

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