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Possible Boxiness and/or Over Processed in booth?

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  • Thomas Moore #368453795600

    Hi Jozlyn!

    In my personal opinion, your audio is more then serviceable for a voice over on this website going by prior work I've seen accepted!

    In terms of some criticism/pointers, I'd argue that there is an 'airiness' to your voice over that contributes to it not feeling as 'present' for the listener, but these are all things that should be resolved by the client receiving the audio and their chosen audio engineer for the project as it can be easily achieved with some EQ tweaking.

    With the above stated, I have noticed there seems to be differing levels of standards imposed by quality control currently, so your work that may be accepted by one team member may not be by another.

    Do you process your audio currently and what's your choice of equipment, you make mention of a booth and your audio noise floor seems pretty optimal.

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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Jozlyn,

    This is Julian Cubillos from the QC Bunny team. We're happy to help you and answer your doubts and questions related to technical issues related to the quality of your recordings. 

    First, I've heard your sample three times, and I didn't hear a problematic boxiness, it is a well-balanced recording booth in terms of acoustical reflections, therefore your recordings are good to go in this aspect.

    Second, what I do notice is that there are undesirable mouth noises in your recording that distract from the quality of the performance. I invite you to visit our community page where you'll find tips on how to control mouth noise issues: 

    On the other side, besides the noticeable mouth clicks, your recording is fine to achieve our quality standards. In order to help you more, I'd like to request you other voice-over samples to assist you better and see if there's any other quality issue that might affect your quality.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if there's any other doubt or question, I'm happy to help you get the "top-notch" quality we're aiming for. 

    Best regards,

    Julian Cubillos

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