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Is Anybody There

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147
      Official comment

    Hi Dean and Matthew!

    Sorry for the delay in replying here. I saw that both of you sent us an email in regards to this, so given that both cases are quite different, I'm going to review your cases personally and follow up with you via the threads you created.

    In the meantime, you may want to review our article on How to get more project invitations? This is a handy guide we created that answers most of the questions around getting more projects with VoiceBunny! You may also want to check out 4 Tips to Get Started with VoiceBunny article here in our community. 

    These 2 should give you both an idea on thigs you can do to optimize your profiles while I check your profiles. 

    Thank you for contacting us!


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  • Matthew A. Mann #1125499504

    Yeah....I've had the same issue....except not even an approval or anything.


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